Gold: A True Barometer Of Public Confidence

Gold and silver coins, the famous “old world” currency, are fast becoming the “new world” currency because they offer the missing link in all paper currencies: a store of value.

Today, Americans are facing a pile of unpaid debts. At the helm is a new Fed chief, Ben Bernanke, who has already been nicknamed “Helicopter Ben” based on admitting he’d print enough paper currency and drop it from helicopters to keep the U.S. economy from sliding into a recession.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an excellent commentary, “In Gold We Trust,” by David Ranson and Penny Russell of H.C. Wainwright & Co. Economics. They explain why gold prices are the truest barometer of falling public confidence and of growing inflation. Here are a few key points they bring to light:

* Gold is the benchmark for the value of the dollar – not the other way around.

* The falling U.S. dollar is largely being ignored by Washington and Wall Street.

* Gold’s sharp rise represents an equally sharp decline in investor confidence.

* Gold is the barometer of public confidence in paper money.

* The dollar’s collapse of 60 percent since 2001 is a blow to capitalism.

Bottom line: The U.S. dollar is slowly but steadily sliding into oblivion, taking with it the hopes and dreams of all Americans, along with the value of their savings accounts and investments.

Most Wall Street pundits view gold as just another commodity, which they say is now overpriced due to a growing gold fever worldwide since 2001, causing central banks, hedge funds and others to buy gold for the first time in decades. Not so!

Gold is rising because it is real money. The solution is to convert a portion of your “paper” assets into gold – thus putting yourself on a personal gold standard.

Rising gold prices today are a big red flashing signal of coming inflation, which could take gold prices over $1,000 an ounce. So don’t wait to buy gold – buy gold and wait.



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